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Second hand chance items

Imperfect objects telling stories

Boldish who?Boldish where?

Chi siamo

Appassionati da sempre di vintage, diamo una nuova identità a vecchie ceramiche e porcellane.
Ogni oggetto è frutto di una accurata ricerca, incontro perfetto tra materia, decorazione e poesia, senza scordare un pizzico di ironia.


/ boʊld /

  1. not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring: a bold hero.
  2. not hesitating to break the rules of propriety; forward; impudent: He apologized for being so bold as to speak to the emperor.
  3. necessitating courage and daring; challenging: a bold adventure.
  4. beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative: Einstein was a bold mathematician. a difficult problem needing a bold answer.
  5. striking or conspicuous to the eye; flashy; showy: a bold pattern.


/ dɪʃ /

  1. an open, relatively shallow container of pottery, glass, metal, wood, etc., used for various purposes, especially for holding or serving food.
  2. any container used at table: dirty dishes.
  3. the food served or contained in a dish: The meal consisted of several dishes.


/ ‘boʊl | dɪʃ /

  1. to give new identity to existing, vintage objects, esp. ceramic and porcelain items: Your tea set is so cool! What happened? I got it boldished!


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